Yearn for the day

Yearn for the day

I can only sit and dream for the moment of this time, where I am in his arms for the infinity, with precious love and majesty. The warm feeling in my heart that is internally healing, that can never part between him and I. His arms are my complet shelter, and with my head in his shoulder, nothing in my surroundings are existing. 
Tasteful scilence as he kisses me, and the intertwined fingers locked together tight as can be. Walking side to side on a summer day, with the clouds cheering for our love. 

 I will cook him a breakfast meal, with a cup of coffee to satisfy his mornings. Study the Daily text, as we sit together, with love of our god in the middle. 

Meetings arrvie and his arm is around my shoulder as we enjoy our spiritual fruits. 

Evenings abound, as we enjoy our company, watching movies, or playing games, for short entertainment. 

I always want to be there for him, to kiss him hello, as he walks in the door from a long day of work. With dinner prepped for him. 

As a wife, I want to be everything for a friend, I want to be there to soften his sad days, and as a lover, I want to refreshen his broken heart. 


*To my love, Ctape. * May we be lovers forever...I miss you are my love, and  never let that go..


Your Rose. 

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  1. ctape93


    August 31, 2016
    1. miss_minim


      August 31, 2016